Silicone Gel Orthopedic Insoles for Feet Magnet Massage Insole O/X Leg Type Valgus Varus Correction Plantar Fasciitis Feet Care

Color: Transparent
Insole Function: Orthopedic Insole
Insole Category: Heel Pad
Suitable Season: Spring Autumn, Winter, Summer
Size: M/L
Role: GEL Material Shock Absorption And Pressure Relief, Soft And Comfortable, Comes With Adhesive, Convenient And Firm
Material: GEL, magnet

GEL refers to an elastomer material in the polyurethane material, which belongs to Arthur Gum. Through its strong shock absorption ability, it can disperse and absorb the impact caused by the footsteps.
Magnet Magnetic ore, usually refers to magnetite ore, belongs to the axial crystal, which is brittle, odorless, and highly magnetic. It is widely used in industrial production and medical fields.
Firmly pasted: GEL material, with adhesiveness. It is convenient and firm, not easy to damage shoes, and can be reused.
Soft and comfortable: GEL material, shock absorption and slow pressure, balanced force, imagine the fun of light and comfortable walking.

Package include
2pcs=1pair Heel Pad