YAOMATEC English 12.7mm image picture QR code serial number portable mask printer hand jet handheld thermal inkjet TIJ printer

+86 13307190554

Connect method: can't connect computer directly

1, edit on printer
2, use usb to input files
3, can't connect computer directly
4, PC interface only for engineer to update system

Printer Details:

1, printer no encrypted, buy ink anywhere.

Note: other supplier printer encrypted and you only buy ink from them so their ink very expensive

2,  English language without variable data function

printer Package Include:

1X printer

1X charger(100-240V)


1X touch pen

1X rubber ring

1X Positional metal plate

1X carton box

1X fast dry solvent normal black ink cartridge

or printer no ink ( we ship according to what you paid, don't recommend buy only printer no ink if you don't have ink cartridge)

1XEnglish Manual and 0peration videos in the USB


1, expiry date, production date
2, logo, picture
3,Words, number, could edit on printer directly
4, could print anything any language by BMP format picture